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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lovely Diversions

 This wonderful bouquet greet me in the kitchen on Saturday morning. Marty won it at some conference he went to last week.

 It was a warm day for the middle of November.  The sky looked like cotton batting. Instead of the usual necessary weekend activities, Marty, Joshua and his beloved and I drove out to Cornwall for lunch at Ye Old Fish & Chips and to take in some window shopping.  The crowds were out and there are Santa Claus parades everywhere right now.

 Joshua caught sight of these goats enjoying a wagon of hay bales at a local farm.  Marty turned around and went back so we could get some photos. Fun!

 It was dark when we got back home.  The water on the St Lawrence River was still and reflected the lights of the bridge to the USA beautifully.

                                                        A full moon welcomed us home.

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