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Sunday, December 22, 2013

All Through The House.

 While the endless freezing rain continues outside, we are cozy by the fire inside.  Thankfully we have not lost power, where many have been without for some time now.

Here are a few more shots of our Christmas decor.  Over the last few years, I have kept very simple and to a minimum what with the house being for sale and endless viewings all through the year.  Not this year.  It's all out to be enjoyed and to add a little sparkle and colour through the house during the short, dark, days of winter.

Above is my antique feather tree, with the fancy base built by Marty.  It is out all year round.

                            A fun little surprise, tucked above the kitchen stairs. An aluminum tree.

                                                 Even in the guest bath is a wee little tree.

 Upstairs in the "centre" room I tucked the Mission style desk I found at a yard sale a last summer.  The glass cloches set off a variety of Christmas treasures.

                                                     An old salt figure creche from Italy.

                                                        More bottle brush trees.

                         A precious Nativity, bought so many years ago at an after- Christmas sale.

                                                      A lovely tree of cast-off jewels.

                  Marty bought this from a Christmas Shop, on a trip to Rockport, MA years ago.

                Made by a dear friend, it is a cheery reminder of the real meaning of Christmas.  Hazelnuts, almonds, and milkweed pods become a memorable cast of Nativity characters.

                                                            More yard sale finds.

 Old potato chips holders hang on to fun vintage Christmas cards and add colour to the dining room.

                                                      The baking is officially done.

 All is ready for our brief holiday, together.  
Merry Christmas to all.

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