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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cold Winter Days, Warm Kitchen

              It's been bitter cold and snowy of late. More snow on its way too.  Good time to stay put and be creative indoors.

 In the kitchen that is.  Things have been busier than usual so I am actually very late in getting any baking done this year.  So, one recipe at a time. A lot less than usual. There are fewer of us at home so that's okay.

 I've also been sprouting and grinding my own flours so it's been a bit of a learning curve finding out to incorporate sprouted Spelt and Einkorn wheat into the mix.  I've had some failures and some successes. That's been frustrating.

 Lots of pizza cookies have been sent out all over the country!  Well- wrapped, they travel nicely.

                  Leftover peanuts and chocolate chips  combined with raisins and butterscotch chips and are turned into "chocolate bumps,"  as we like to call them.

 Delicate anise flavoured Pizzelles.  I first tasted these many years ago at a Christmas pot luck at the Beaconsfield doll club.  It was years later that Marty got me my own Pizzelle iron.  Love it!

 This year Christmas Cook's Illustrated  magazine offered up this recipe for thumbprint cookies.  It was nice to have my own jams to fill them.

                           These almond cookies are simple and delicious and from Ronna.

These soft gingerbread cookies were a new one for us last year.  They are from Post Road Vintage.

I have a special friend who has a real soft spot for meringues so they are an annual tradition.  These are flavoured with peppermint.

Odelia isn't fond of long days spent in the kitchen.  She much prefers couch time on cold wintry days.
Are you all ready for Christmas?

1 comment:

Grace Pringle said...

Wow! I am amazed at how much baking you're getting done. I was only planning to do this sugar cookie recipe this year: http://gracepringle.blogspot.ca/2012/12/christmas-baking.html

It all looks really yummy. Pizza cookies remind me of my childhood. The recipe you've done looks different than mine. Would you mind posting the recipe or sending it to me? :)


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