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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cold Winter Days

 I'm pretty sure you all already know that it is still cold out!  Ice and snow are everywhere and there isn't any expected warming until the weekend.  So, what is a girl to do to fill her days and pass the time?

      I whipped up some sourdough starter and tried my hand at some homemade sprouted Einkorn bread.

                                           I found this lovely and lush vintage blanket at Goodwill.

 The Christmas tree is now down and tucked away for another year.  It is always a little sad to say good bye to ornaments that have been gathered over so many years and have so many memories attached to them.

 This totally retro wooden candle-holder is a recent find. I really don't think that an open flame and all that burlap is a good match! (pun intended)

I saw this recipe on FB and just knew that today was a good day for the Pioneer Woman's potato soup! It turned out great and I look forward to leftovers tomorrow.  Everything tastes better the day after.
Stay warm and cozy. I hope your week is tumbling along nicely.

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