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Monday, February 3, 2014

A Few Finds Of Late

 Hubby and were at Goodwill on Saturday- half price furniture day and this table and chairs caught our eye. The table minus the two leaves is a neat and tidy size, perfect for an apartment.

 It came with three chairs.  the base of each piece is marked "1890 Honderich."  A little research told me that the Honderich Furniture Company was located in Milverton Ontario. I also learned the table originally had three leaves and six chairs.  As Marty and Joshua have been eating off a plastic patio table in Brighton for the last three years, this will be a most welcome change in the dining room. Later, it will be a perfect table and chairs for any one of the boys when they leave home.

 Today I was happy to find a bag of buttons. It didn't look too promising but some leisurely time spent sorting through them revealed a few good treasures.

 I found some celluloid, glass, shell and lots of cool vegetable ivory. Not bad at all!

 These are finds from a while ago. I just love the funky flower pins. The variety is endless!

 A pair of persimmons covered porcelain boxes. I love the bright orange colour.

 These are the biggest scallop shells I have ever seen. The larger of the two is 8 inches across!

 This little sweetie has wonderful gold designs and a lovely hand painted scene on the front. When I found it, it had a repair to the rim with paper painted gold. Obviously it was important enough to the owner to try to fix it and keep it.

                                            I like the gold heart motif.

This great Arts & Crafts piece has its original frame but it is in rough shape.


Ronna said...


Jenny said...

The table reminds me of one that we inherited from Bruce's great uncle. At its smallest, it is about 3' x 4' but all opened out with leaves it can seat 8 people. So versatile.
You found lots of other cool treasures.

Kathy said...

What a great button score. You just never know what you get in a poke sack until you pick up and turn over each and every one. Love the treasure hunt!

catherineausten said...

I love that bag of buttons! Great finds, Jennifer. Makes me want to head out to the second-hand shops.


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