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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Treasures From The Sea

 I was excited to find these two books recently.  The big book is on American Seashells and the little book is full of crafty ideas for creating with seashells.

The encyclopaedia has some wonderful colour plates and there are a bevy of great ideas for creating whimsical shell animals and characters in the Wee Voyagers book.

I have enjoyed picking up neat shells and sea creatures over the years, mostly at yard sales and Goodwill.

 My mom and her sister had their own "shell craft kit, gathered together in an old permanent wave box.

                         It is full of tiny jars and vials of all shapes and colours of shells.

 I found this last summer, It's a half gallon of assorted shell craft shells. I look forward to sorting through it. Not as wondrous as sorting old buttons but fun nonetheless. For another look as the lovely world of seashells, check out the Nilly Hall blog, HERE.

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catherineausten said...

Very cool, Jennifer. I just ordered the Book of Organization - looking forward to reading page 128!


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