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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How Stovewood Travels

 As the snow recedes here and there, and then is covered up again with more snowfall, one might come across the odd piece of stovewood throughout the yard.  I know it isn't the squirrels, no matter how healthy they look, feeding on the birdseed. I know it's not the crows, though substantial birds, their beaks are too small.

 I'm pretty sure it has to do with the dogs. Our dogs, to be exact.  They like to hang out with us while we stack the wood into neat and tidy piles, near the door for easy retrieval throughout the season.

                                       They look innocent enough, don't they?

 Gumdrop is particularly fond of stovewood. Just the right size for some fun and it makes for a good chew.

                                      It's important to get just the right piece of wood.

                                           Get right into chewing it up.

 Oh, Odelia thinks she wants that piece too.  She's never actually taken the trouble to choose her own piece of wood. What Gumdrop has is always what Odelia wants.

 Odelia runs about with her prize, hoping Gumdrop will give in to the chase. Gumdrop rarely does, she just gets another piece of wood.

So, Odelia drops her prize where she stands, runs off to take whatever Gumdrop has since unearthed, and the whole game begins again.  So, we never really "run out" of wood, we just use up what is stacked and cannot find the rest, broadcast about the yard, and safe beneath the snow, thanks to Odelia.
Still looking forward to spring!

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