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Monday, March 24, 2014

Ice, Snow, Dogs, & Shadows

 There are icicles to be seen all about. That means there is some melting happening. They are long icicles, meaning the cold won't let go, even if the sun is trying to warm things up a bit.

                 The ground under the bird feeders looks like a crazy quilt of embroidery.

 The dogs don't much mind the snow. They can still run and chase the ball. Where's the downside to that?

 While gumdrop loves to catch snowballs and eat snow, it has taken Odelia a while to figure out what the big deal was.  Now, she runs about, strafing the ground catching up big mouthfuls of the cold, white stuff.  With each bite she cries, "Too COLD!" But, she takes another bite and another, After eat one, more crying. Silly girl! Maybe it gives her brain-freeze.

 Today, Gumdrop was particularly vocal and spent as much time barking as she did running about. Perhaps, spring is in the air, and we just haven't noticed, yet.

The sun was just right to capture the icicles, the shadow of the tree behind me and the the blue sky and tree on the other side of the garage, all in one shot. I thought it was pretty cool.
Enjoy your week, Everyone!


Mitzi said...

Snow and ice can be beautiful, but I'm ready for some green grass here in Michigan! Thanks for sharing your lovely images. I'm a dog lover too, although you probably already know that.....

Jenny said...

The last photo looks like the tree is growing out of the garage. Our animals are still happy with the snow
and I have to say that I do like the cleanliness of winter. Soon I'll have mud.


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