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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fresh Starts For Spring

 The Brockville Farmer's Market started up again last weekend.  Marty and Aaron brought home some fresh greens from Roots Down Organic Farm and fresh spring rolls from another wonderful vendor.

 This weekend it was fresh baby spinach and more salad greens. This hot cranberry spinach salad was perfect with our BBQ'd burgers.
At the market folks are very excited to finally see fresh local produce again. It is as though we could not have waited much longer for such precious things.

 We brought our chicks home last week too.  Here are our sweet little "meaties."  They are great fun to watch as they explore their world.

                          These are our girls (layers): Etta, Esme, Elly, Edie, Emmy, and Ruth.

 We also hooked up the trailer and got a load of well rotted manure for the gardens.  It was a lovely evening for a drive.

The green halo of fresh new growth on the trees has finally arrived.  Spring is here to stay, summer is on its way. The long cold winter is but a memory.  I hope you have all enjoyed a pleasant Mother's Day weekend too.


Jenny said...

And you can tell your little layers apart? The fresh greens look great. Nothing like food from the market.

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Not yet, but I expect it will get easier as time goes on. So far, the noisiest one is Edie.


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