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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Merrickville Town-Wide Yard Sale 2014

 Son number three and I visited the Merrickville town-wide yard sale again this year. As always, there are many lovely homes and yards to see while wandering around town.  A lot of people from all over and lots of cool stuff to see.  This is the first time in memory that folks were wandering about in shoes and light jackets and sweatshirts! A cool lovely day.  Perfect.  Previous years have seen extra warm temps or pouring rain.  This was nice.

 I found some fun small stuff: Chinese rabbit hair paint brush, wooden pottery tools, glass buttons on cards, a wee sweet grass basket and part of a lid to an antique candy box.  I'm sure the whole candy box was pretty cool at one time.

 This was my first great find of the day.  A good sized shadow box. I suspect that at one time it held a lovely memorial of some kind.

 I fell in love with the colours and great textures of this long table runner.  It is perfect for our long harvest table. Everything is hand stitched and it has heavily beaded details.

 This was a lovely surprise! A beautiful early 1900s cotton blouse.  Look at all those tiny little mother of pearl buttons and fabulous details.

                                                   The front, or is it the back?.

If this is the back then for sure you would need help  getting all those buttons done up!
Tomorrow, the books I found.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

The blouse is really lovely. I think the buttons are on the front.


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