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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Merrickville Part Two

 No hunt for bargains and treasures is complete without finding a few good books. This day out was a good one for books.  I had my own copy of "The Most Beautiful Tree in the World" when I was little.

 "Who Ever Saw?" is full of wonderful illustrations.  It's as engaging a story as it was when it was first published in 1952. I doubt I will be able to cut it up. It's still in good condition.

 I adore the Lois Lenski books and have a few already.  This was a new title for me.  I love the handmade/hand drawn dust cover, carefully duplicated by hand.

                                         You can see the same inside the book.

 It was thrilling to come upon these old trade catalogues. Great old pics of all manner of machinery and tools inside.  They are from the 20s.

 "The Hill & Griffith Co. Manufacturers of Foundry Facings, Supplies and Equipment, Polishing & Buffing Composition."  Ohio, Atlanta and Illinois.  That's one serious catalogue.

                                             This is a fun Christmas book.

 It opens up to reveal individual 3D scenes.  It has some wear but still captivates.

 This wonderful French dictionary is one of six volumes. The woman didn't want to sell more than one to any individual so this is the one I chose. It had the more interesting colour plates.

                 Lovely fabric images.  It weighs a tonne!  Good thing I didn't get all six!

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