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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Is In The Air, Finally, and One Man's Junk Is Another.........

 With the winter finally showing no signs of returning, there is green outside, and warmer breezes bringing back the birds and peepers in the pond. It is wonderful! It is so very nice to hang the clothes on the line again and to capture that lovely fresh scent no man can duplicate or manufacture- fresh air!
With the longer days, it is time for some serious spring cleaning and culling. With so many changes in our lives, it is time to let go of old interests to make room for new ones.

 Aaron did some work at a nearby playhouse and when I arrived to pick him up he said they were throwing out some stuff they no longer needed. That caught my attention.  Yes, I know what I just wrote up above, about cleaning out and letting go of stuff.

 However, who cannot put to use old wooden crates and vintage suitcases? I was thrilled that we were actually able to fit all eight crates,three suitcases and a steel wastebasket in my car!  Seriously, you cannot beat the capacity of the VW Jetta trunk from 1994!  I miss that car.
Nonetheless, everything fit in my 1993 Jetta and went home with us.

                                               Odelia checking out the goods.

 After some work, getting the crates cleaned up and removing lots of brad nails from awkward shelves that had been added to them, the crates were immediately put into service in the Milkhouse.

I have been giving the Milkhouse a good going over to freshen it up after being closed up during our long winter. It is now ready to serve as a spot to sell all we have to let go of.  More pics of that next time. Have a great day Everyone!

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