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Saturday, April 26, 2014

What's New?

 It's been a while and all of the sudden I find myself looking at the back end of April already! Well, we've been busy here. Son number three finished college, and celebrated his  birthday the day he got home last week. Boy, those two years sped by awfully fast!

 He wanted to go to the museum of Nature in Ottawa so off we went on Saturday. It's an amazing place to visit!

 Lots of animals to look at.  I love how the backgrounds are all hand painted and make you really feel like you have been wandering the Prairies and just happened upon some mighty bison.

 See the label, it says "common" basket starfish. It sure doesn't look so common to me! Beautiful.

 My favourite part of the museum is the rocks and minerals section. All this amazing stuff tucked here and there in our earth, just waiting to be discovered.

 There was some yard work started, now that the snow is really gone.

                                            Some automotive work too, of course.

And for fun, more building. This time a Volkswagen Camper Van. More than 1200 pieces of great functioning, scaled detail!  You are never too old for a great Lego project!
How is your spring going?

1 comment:

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Love the lego VW! My son (22) is the same way with Legos....never too old!


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