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Friday, June 27, 2014

A special Birthday Outing

 A few weeks ago it was my birthday.  As I didn't have to be at the market that day and Joshua was home for the weekend we spent the day together, checking out a few yard sales and just enjoying the countryside.  We did drop into the market and I was gifted a lovely bouquet of flowers.
 We went to a few yard sales in Brockville and one out near Mallorytown that we went to.  At a large barn sale I found a little box of old celluloid pieces.

 I also found some lovely doilies in an unusual shape, a wee coin purse, compact and neat little applique lace piece.

 Of course there were a few practical things picked up as well: good sturdy cooling racks and a box of canning jars.

                                                A neat set of old hand drills.

                                      A nice tabletop tinsel tree in its original box.

              An old enamel bowl- with red trim- and some lovely Christmas decorations.

 I really liked this unusual garland with long glass beads, crushed foil balls, and silver stars. Amazing it has survived this long! There are also little papier mache bells hanging from it.

 Another box of coffin nails and tin decorations. I found a box similar to this one years ago at another yard sale.

                                             A school picture from the 1920s.

                                    A little doll-sized ironing board, obviously hand made.

 You can never have too many old linen tea towels!  They are so very soft and absorbent, and strong too!

 I used to have one of these roly poly clowns by Reliable toys. It makes "music" as it rolls about.  It was nice to find another one.

                                   This old Currier & Ives print is still nice and bright.

                                                         A pair of vintage suitcases.

 And yes, more drawers. I so love drawers! You can fill them with such fun little things. I see the postcards being tucked in these and well organized too.

                                          A funny little Tootsie Toy pull toy from the 60s.

I also found this lovely collection of old wooden kitchen tools.  Sauerkraut pounder anyone?

And, of course, the aforementioned rooster, Mr Mister. Perfect weather, great company. It was a lovely day out.  We finished it off with a lovely meal at the Tandoori Mint in Brockville.

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Curtains in My Tree said...

you hit the jack pot with all your finds
my little sister age 55 had a roly poly clown similar to yours when she was a baba


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