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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beautiful Surprises

 The other night, there was a stunning surprise waiting to be seen on the garage door. We only noticed it at the end of the day when we closed it!  A gorgeous Luna moth.  I was so excited to see one again. The last time I saw one was twenty-three years ago in Nova Scotia when my mom and I were visiting her sister and family with three month old son number three in tow.
Ronna was blessed with one on her barn the other day too.  You can read more about the Luna moth here.

                                                   Absolutely stunning.

                        This is apparently a male as you can tell by the wider antenna.


Ronna said...

Too cool!!

Jenny said...

We had one a couple of days ago on the north side of the house. So beautiful. We've had them the last few years. I forget what the larva eat, but whatever it is we have it in our bush.


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