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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I'm Not Gone, Just Been Busy

 It's been a while and for that I am sorry.  I've just been busy.  How have you been?  It seems summer has arrived. It's been warm, it's been rainy, it's been hot and it's been cool.

Aaron has been helping me try out new flavours in the naturally fermented beverage area.  Above are two freshly made batches of kombucha- in the background and the gold colour of it after a week or so, once its ready to be flavoured,  in the foreground.  This time I flavoured it with apples, pear, ginger and cinnamon.

 A new recipe for fermented lemonade.  The go at it turned out well but I would have liked it more tart.  This time around, I squeezed the lemons and dropped some skins in with the juice. Not wanting to waste anything I grated them first to save the zest for future baking and the leftover skins went into the freezer for future batches of citrus all purpose cleaner.

 Aaron even rearranged the fridge to take on the new bottles.  Lots of variety here.  Gumdrop, in the background, is hoping something might drop on the floor.

       Homemade bubbles! How much fun is that?  Very refreshing and satisfying too.  We even tried rhubarb honey soda. Wonderful.

 Saturdays at the market mean that the colour is back in our meals again. Lots of fresh greens. And great folks with organically raised meats too.

It has been wonderful to be reminded once again of all the flowering trees we have this time of year.  I hope your spring has been a lovely one.

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