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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Babies Everytwhere

               It was just a month ago that the meaties looked more like little Easter chicks.

 Now they have grown into gawky looking chickens, with bare featherless undersides and underarms making them look a little more dinosaur than bird at times. From above they look pretty good.

 The hens have grown too but not as much.  Their feathers are coming in in a nice orderly fashion. A meat birds is checking out what is so interesting.  When the meat birds get in the way of where a hen wants to go, the hen just walks underneath and carries on its way. This weekend Marty is building them their own coop.

                                     "Grocery shopping" has taken on a new meaning.

 In the fields all around us are new babies. We enjoyed sitting by the road for a while over the weekend, listening to all the "baaaaing."

 One of my birds seems to be growing some black feathers. At first I thought someone had pooped on it. Nope, nice fluffy black feathers.
                 Gumdrop likes to sit outside keeping guard of her precious charges.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

All the birds look happy and healthy, enjoying the grass and sunshine. And Gumdrop is glad to have a job.


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