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Friday, November 7, 2014

The End Of A Season

 Last Saturday at the market was a cold one. If the temps drop below freezing, then it's a no-go.  Tomorrow might be just that. today it was wet and there were sloppy flurries.
So, for now, let;s say farewell to the colours and flavours of the autumn harvest.

                                                         Rainbow beets.

                                                       Crazy celeriac. Yum!

                                                              Crisp carrots.

                                      Heritage Romanesco and our more familiar cauliflower.

                                         Cabbages and Broccoli.

                                                  The oh so sweet cipollini onion.

                                                                 More onions.

 Squash in all its fabulous variety with a spot of red from the season's very last red peppers.

It's not over yet.  Roots Down will be indoors in December at the Rowing Club for the Saturdays before Christmas.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

All the veggies look so good. I really admire people who can grow such amazing food.


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