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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Little Mister

 Little Mister is one of our "new" Chantecler chicks, hatched out last summer.  He  started to crow long before he even looked like a rooster. He crowed any time of day and always to say hello. There was one weekend when Joshua was doing some car repairs in the garage, where the babies spent their time when the weather was poorly, and he was serenaded the whole time by Little Mister.

Around Christmas it was time to introduce the babies tot he coop and the rest of the birds. Oh, they knew each other already however it take times to get the pecking order readjusted.
Little Mister came out at the bottom, smaller than the other roosters and so his crowing ceased and desisted. They made him sleep in a nesting box and then under one of the perches- he got pooped on a lot.
The other day we were met at the door by a small, bloodied rooster. It was time to step  in.

              A good bath and some spa time next to the wood stove cleaned him up.

                          Odelia was quite interested in the new house guest.

Little Mister, all cleaned up. Standing tall and proud. He is currently living in the our downstairs bathroom. Quite comfy, with his own log to perch on and plenty of water and food. He no longer has to wait for everyone else to eat first or fight to survive. He is now blind in one eye so Marty will build him his own little tractor away from the other birds.
He crows every morning at 6:30. Sounds funny coming  from within the house! Rather freaks the dogs out.


September Violets said...

Poor Little Mister, I'm glad you saved him and that your dog is treating him better than the other birds. He sounds like a spunky little rooster :)

kathyinozarks said...

I am so happy you were able to save him too.
when I was a little girl my grandma always insisted I go out and collect the eggs for her-I didn't like that job at all cause the hens were always so mean to me-

Jenny said...

He and Odie should get along fine. Surprising how mean chickens are.

liniecat said...

AW bless him, glad hes got you on his side!
Will the others accept him when hes grown more?


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