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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Little Mister, One More Time

 Little Mister is feeling much, much better. He still has only one good eye, however he is standing up straight, tail up and happy to explore. He even found a good spot to hang out for a good view of his little world.
Son number three was home for the weekend. Good thing he likes birds.

                                               Odelia is quite intrigued by the little rooster.

Little Mister has found his voice again too.  After all this adventure it was time for a much needed nap, in the safety of the bathroom.


liniecat said...

Hes come on fine and hes quite handsome!
Okay your sons quite cute too lol

September Violets said...

Aww, these are such cute photos of your happy little rooster quite at home with the family :)


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