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Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Sign of Spring

 We cleaned the chicken coop today. It was not too cold out and things were melting again.  When Aaron opened the door the little brown hens jumped out, no hesitation. Down they want onto the ground. They were so very happy and excited to find some fresh dirt and leaves to scratch in. They were everywhere! Under he car, picking up bits of ice, making a dust nest under the bench.  Happy hens!

Then out popped Mr Mister and Pearl. Pearl had decided to moult early this winter and now she is a fluffy white little hen.  She still mumbles away endlessly.
With fresh shavings installed the remaining birds were silly over them and practically danced about, fluffing up the space.
When the little browns were put back in, there was a great outcry. They had tasted freedom and weren't ready to give it up yet. Soon enough- I hope- things will warm up, chasing away the snow and begin to green up.
Happy first day of spring!


CatieAn said...

oh so sweet those hens...we raised chickens when I was growing up and I remember the new feathers after they molt....they loved being outdoors after winter cold and snow.

Jenny said...

I agree with those brown hens - spring needs to come!

kathyinozarks said...

Happy Spring, chickens are so fun to watch-when I was a little girl I would help my Grandma with the chickens


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