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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Signs Of Spring

 We had a little melty weather recently. Very nice, until the temperatures dropped again and it all froze into icy side walks and driveways. I look forward to hanging my clothes on the line again.

 There is a road nearby which is regularly travelled by walkers (no, not the Walking Dead kind of "walkers") and one creative soul had assembled some outsider found art and installed it on the side of the road. All the trash they find ends up here. There used to be a little sign in front but it may have blown away. Hmmm. More detritus.

 Gumdrop is full of energy! Happily running about, slipping on the ice, sinking in the now softened snow and feeling up to taking on four foot tree branches. Yeah!! Bring on Spring!

 Some of my garden seeds arrived yesterday. I sorted them out according to when to begin them indoors and apparently I have some that need to be started NOW! Must get on that.

So, what signs of spring have you noticed in Your area? (sorry, I just had to tuck in another pic of Little Mister. As you can see, Odelia is no longer distracted by her noisy, feathery friend.)

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