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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Winter Comfort Food

 The days are still cold but a little longer, offering up hope for springtime, melting snow and a change in the local birdsong.  This recipe was in a recent Willow Bird Baking blog. Blueberry skillet cake.

 Served warm with fresh home made ice cream and drizzled with maple syrup. The recipe asked for a glaze but that would have made it too sweet for my taste. It was great with the maple syrup.

Today it was  cheese soufflé day. Turned out rather well if I do say so. Delicious too. Do you have a special cold weather favourite food?

1 comment:

September Violets said...

The blueberry cake looks yummy! I've never tried souffle anything, but yours looks like a prize winner. My comfort dessert food this winter has been apple crisp, served warm. Have a great weekend!


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