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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Is Around the Corner

 Lots of talk about the first day of spring being near. Just talk. March came in like a lamb. I'm guessing that means more snow.
So, above is a lovely shot of snow. Snow in early March. Looks cold and white. It is currently snowing outside now. Adding to the above picture.

Now we have a picture of a white dog in the snow. Still cold and white. You can find me next to the wood stove, until the white stuff begins to melt.
I am dreaming of warm sunny days, punctuated by cool rainy days, gardens full of greens and the joy of pulling carrots at the end of a lovely summer.
 I am happy to keep the white dog, the cold, white stuff can go.
How will you be marking the end of this winter?

1 comment:

September Violets said...

Your snow is much prettier than mine now. After a couple of days of 'warm' temps, the ugly, salt & sand snow has been revealed lining our street. March is a long, messy month, but the promise of spring does make it easier to bear!


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