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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kitchen Thriftin' and Fun Eats

 I had a chance to wander through a thrift store the other day. I was thrilled to find some lovely yellow Le Creuset Pots. These will likely follow one of the boys when they head out into the world on their own. In the meantime, they will be put to good use.

 I have never owned a real Bundt cake pan and this heavy duty one from Germany is perfect.

 This was a Kijiji score! A German Grain Mill. Super quiet and lovely design.

 As the week has been cool and gloomy, with lots of rain, here is a little colour, found in recent meals. Above is a Spicy Peach BBQ Sloppy Joe on a mashed potato waffle.

Yesterday, Aaron and I enjoyed lunch at the local Sushi spot and had our fill of a variety of little bites of sticky rice goodness.

1 comment:

Lady Linda said...

Hello Jennifer, I was looking at some goodies you once sent me in an exchange and thought I'd pop over to visit. That bundt pan is to die for. I would love to find one like that. How have you been? I got a new laptop, so maybe I can be in touch more now.


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