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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Little Surprises

 A while back, when Marty and Joshua were washing a wall in preparation to paint it, Marty's hand went right through it in one spot! He discovered that, at some point, many years ago, wasps made a nest in that wall, and actually ate away at everything except the paper covering the gypsum board! There was only a piece of thick paper between the nest and the room.  Well, needless to say, they fixed everything up and all is new and good and sealed and so on. The painted room looks nice too.

Anyway, being good and thoughtful men, they carefully cut the nest out, carefully tucked it into a shoebox and finally remembered to bring it home to me this past weekend.

It is super fragile but look at those glorious colours and beautiful design!

                                                                   A view within.

I have a house-shaped glass box and fit right in. Safe but still visible to enjoy.
Yes, that makes three wasp's nests now abiding in my home. I guess that makes them a collection. They go nicely with the bird's nest collection.


Ronna said...

Nature's art is sometimes greater than man's. Love it!

September Violets said...

Such an amazing nest! Old nests make such interesting items to observe. Years ago a family up the road from us renovated their old farmhouse. When they removed the interior wall from the living room there was a wasp nest that covered the entire wall, top to bottom and about four feet across. I can't remember now if there were any live wasps in it, but it was certainly impressive!

Jenny said...

The wasp nest is really beautiful.
Looks pretty big,too and I'm glad the wasps didn't eat their way right into the room!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

This is beautiful! I'm glad they saved it, and that someone like you knows to keep it as art!
Erica :)


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