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Friday, May 22, 2015

A Comedy of Gardening Errors

 Aaron and I got the potatoes into the garden the other day. It's been a very nice, breezy, cool week. Perfect for outdoor stuff- no bugs. Gumdrop was most interested in what we were planting and  none too pleased that we were burying the potatoes! She took off with one when I wasn't looking.

 Odelia kept going up and down the planted rows. I'm sure she was thinking to herself that she ought to remember where these treats have been hidden.

 Little Mister, our yard buddy, was enjoying the freedom and made full use of the whole yard! As he can't see out of one eye he made good work of our carefully tied string marking the garden rows too.

          Odelia keeping cool with the water I set out for them. Cooling her ball too.

 Our little "Meaties" as we affectionately call them are growing like crazy. Here they are at two weeks old and already moved into their "two drawer" nursery.

 It was so very warm last weekend that I thought the chicks would enjoy some time out on the grass.  I saw this neat idea for baby chicks at another farm last year and had since kept my eye out for just such a chair frame. I actually found one at Goodwill but it was complete and had a nice cushion so the guys wouldn't let me turn it into a safe place for baby chicks to hang out. Imagine, they actually use the chair!

I noticed this frame in the yard of a vacated house and called the town hall to ask if I could have the chair frame.  We arranged to meet there at a certain time and the town official went and got it for me. Aaron and I painted it and Marty and I sewed on some bird netting, and "Voila!," a perfect little spot for little birds. It wont be too long before they are too big for it!

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