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Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Day At The Auction

 Marty and I head out last weekend to a farm auction. I haven't been to one in more years than I can count. I didn't much enjoy them anyway. Long waits and in the end you are more often disappointed than rewarded for your efforts.

We were there looking for something son number three was interested in. In the end we did not get it and that was okay. It looked as though it may have had some condition concerns, but we did give a good try nonetheless.
The person who got it was determined that he was not going home without it,  no point in pushing the issue.

It was however a pleasant way to spend a few hours. It wasn't a big auction. Mostly stuff from the barn. The weather was great, overcast, and breezy. No bugs. It was a beautiful property too. There was also a good auctioneer. Easy to follow and didn't flog a dead horse when things slowed down. He kept it moving along very nicely.

I was able to snag this box of vintage train pieces made of cardboard. Imperfect and incomplete but each piece stands well on its own from a collage point of view. Cheap, because it was mostly a tool auction.

 I was thrilled to get this! Nope, I don't know what it is. There is a loop at each end. At first I thought it was a plumb bob but maybe some kind of weight instead. Anyway, it is very unusual and heavy.

 Then I got this! Cool huh?! Gotta love old cast iron pieces. So very well made and finished.
I liked how it looked, didn't matter to me what it was used for.

 It is however something you attach to an auger type hand drill for cutting/sizing dowels.

No one was bidding on this large lot of C clamps so I got it all for five dollars. Don't you just feel more prepared for anything if you have a bunch of old C clamps? Yeah, I thought so too.

There were a couple other little things that interested me but after the main item we went for was done we decided it was time to head back home to make use of what was left of the day.

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