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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Yard Sale Finds

 I know I said I would share my recent yard sale finds, days ago, however life got in the way. Now I have two Saturday's of finds to share!  The books above were found at a local church sale as well as the fan.  The "Orchards of all Seasons" book is actually a science book.

 It was thrilling to find two bottle brush trees and a funky flower pin to add to my collection.

 This is a series of "Deltagram" issues from the 1940's. Each is full of woodworking projects.

                                                   I love the illustrations inside.

 This sweet little pair is NOT a and pepper set. Amazing they have stuck together all these years.

                                                  A few items for a lady's dresser.

 Two vintage magazines, a folding ruler, and a Bennington pottery doorknob were found at one yard sale.

                                                               Some small finds.

                                                          More small finds.

 Unusual subject matter for a small pitcher. A hunter taking aim at some game.

 These were just a little too unusual to leave behind. Souvenir ashtrays meet butterflies. I cannot imagine butting out in these!

 This is a vintage chalkware bank. An adorable place to tuck all that Christmas money?

 This was the find of the day. A late 1800's children's tea set.  22 pieces of childhood nostalgia- sort of.

I could find very little on-line but was able to find out a little more in my mom's old books on children's toy dishes. She used to love collecting toy dishes, among other things.  This set is quite rare and called "The Sinful Pigs."  Rare indeed! I cannot imagine a child actually asking for "The sinful Pigs" tea set for Christmas. Can you?  Pigs gambling and drinking.  I wonder what they were thinking when they agreed this would be a great theme for a child's tea set!

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