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Monday, July 13, 2015

One Yard Sale to fill your car, and trailer, and then some.

 It was a super busy weekend but an early start means you have time for a single yard sale. thankfully it wasn't far away either. I was interested because it said canning jar, small tools- for hubby, and farm stuff, plus it said to be sure to look over the "Free pile." right there in the advert: free stuff.

While it was super hot out yesterday, I spent some time in the basement rearranging my jars. It was cool down there and now everything is in its place. Things I discovered: there is such a thing as a wide mouth quart jar and there are such beasts as 1.5 quart jars. Who knew?

 Al these plant pots were free. The clay ones came in a neat wooden crate. Bonus!

                We got a whole pile of electric fence stuff and some hardware cloth.

 A pump, some garden tools, a seeder, a big wash bucket, some plastic mesh which they had used as row cover in their own garden, a roll of copper screen. I LOVE copper screen! The green wooden framed screens were in the free pile too. :)

                                 A handy garden trolley. We have already put it to use.

                                                        A very deep, stainless sink.

And best of all, a 16 foot farm gate. I have ALWAYS wanted a farm gate! Cool huh?

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