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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Babies Day Out and a Butterfly Rescue

 Nice weather, perfect for a little adventure for the new chicks. While we weeded, mama and her wee ones worked very hard in the pathway.

 First order of business is a good bath! A dust bath, that is. The little ones didn't seem to interested. They caught some of the flying dirt! It this little brown hen could have, she would have been lolling about on her back! Just like people motherhood, the children are all over her in spite of her precious bath time.

 I discovered this lovely butterfly inside the bottom of the coop. It took some effort to find its way in there. Now it was trapped and wouldn't likely be able to find its way out. The chickens were curious but didn't eat it. Perhaps the wing damage is their fault.

 My six foot tall son, squooched down, under the coop, and was able to get it into a net to remove it from the coop.

                                                                          Lovely. Sad.

The hen was trying to give her little ones a tour of the yard. They covered a fair bit of ground and then it was time for bed.

1 comment:

Ronna said...

Good job on saving the butterfly Aaron! I'm sure it'll be okay. I had one flitting about on the lilacs last month and it was missing a tail. As long as they can fly, it'll likely be okay.


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