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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some Thrifting

 There have not been more than a couple of yard sales that we have gone to this summer but there have been a few fun finds along the way.
This book, publishes in 1969, is a story and photo essay dedicated to "The little children of the forgotten streets of all the big cities, who, with noble naivete, romp and play, amid rubble and decay-happily unmindful that all gardens are not the same as theirs."
At the back of the book I discovered a note: this is number 519 of a limited edition of nine hundred copies. July 1969. I can find nothing about this on-line at all.

 Some great old glass chandelier crystals. They will clean up very nicely.

 An ancient little creamer with a goat on it and a "Hooded Merganser" figurine.  That will get tucked in with my accidental bird collection.

A perfectly aged mirror with a metal frame, a tiny pin cushion souvenir shoe, a pair of worn wooden shoes, tiny box, and a pair of skittles. Oh, what about that box? you ask. I  know, eh! Looks innocent enough on the outside.

                                         Inside the lid is this lovely illustration.

 I found this neat figure at Goodwill. Unfortunately his face has a crack. the top was taped on so when I got home I was thrilled to find it was a humidor with space in the lid for a sponge to keep the moisture just right for storing tobacco. Still, a neat find.
That other box? Well, let me show you.

                    It holds two thirds of a carving set with bone handles.

                          And those handles need some cleaning but,look! Lovely carved fish.

                                             Yet another intriguing container.

 Inside, a Swiss Elna sewing machine. Cool green colour and the first sewing machine to offer a great assortment of decorative stitches using cams. Dates to 1956-58.

                                           A view of where the cams go.

The carrying case opens and flips over to create a sewing surface. That's really cool!

I also came across this unusually coloured mohair bear. The pale nose stitching is a real distraction so I will give him a more bear-like nose.

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