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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Page Turns As Do The Seasons

I turned the page on the calendar this week. You just know it's September when you look outside.
You know that autumn is around the corner when you wake to cool misty mornings.

The goldenrod creates a yellow border around the property.

Extra warm days, as summer holds on just a little longer. There is a "bee tree" nearby. Here they are "bearding" -cooling down the hive.

                                                The sunflowers are happy harbingers of fall.

                                             Heirloom tomatoes are portrait-worthy.

                                     The burning bush begins to show off its autumn wardrobe.


Ronna said...

Great photos!

Jenny said...

The heirloom tomatoes really are picture-worthy. Your burning bush looks nice and bright. I have one but it's an shady location and so it doesn't change colour much. The bunnies also like to give it a hard prune in the winter:(


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