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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What Do You See?

I have been hanging onto these women's shoe lasts, or shoe forms, or shoe stays, or whatever you call them for years. They were not too difficult to come across when I was regularly doing the yard sale thing.
Now, the question is: What creative things can you make with these? They look fun all gathered into a vintage vase. I "see" lots of little speckled mushrooms, or perhaps the colourful centres to some funky flowers.  Attached at the centre to create a large star burst?
Of course, they still work well in shoes too.
Any ideas?


Lady Linda said...

Yikes, I have never thought about this before...hummm. You know I am a doll nut, maybe the would make a nice head and your could transform them into a fun wooden head doll?
So fun.

Jackie said...

Hello Doll...havent seen you for ever it seems....I have an idea that I think rocks! Tie one in the centre with a long piece of twine or the like space a few inches and continue until all tied on...hang and balance each one til you get a mobile....hangers or what ever you think will work .....let it twirl naturally start with long piece fold in half and tie first one there.....good luck!


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