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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Autumn Is Here

              I hope all my Canadian readers have enjoyed a lovely long Thanksgiving weekend.
It has been as busy as usual and I am working away on a number of projects around here. More on that later, when I can finally get them done. Lots of tomatoes have passed through my kitchen and I am done with them for this year.

 Cayenne pepper plants are hanging to dry. My own did not do too badly this year but these are from a friend.

 Aaron is pretty good at making naan bread to go with our home made hummus. Yum!

               As seen on a weekend drive in the country. A cow getting some foot/hoof care.

                                                                      Lovely flowers.

                                      The wild turkeys have been seen criss-crossing our road.

 The guys spent some time digging potatoes. Three bushels so far and three more rows to do this weekend.

                                      We planted red, white and blue tomatoes this year.

                                                           Have a lovely week.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Lots of wonderful potatoes - they taste so much better than store bought. That's quite the contraption for the cow to stand in. I'm glad Pepper doesn't need one of those.


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