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Monday, November 30, 2015

A Lot Of Red And Green with A Little Help From Friends & Family

 Hubby and I went away for a week to visit my parents. Son number two did a fine job holding down the fort and looking after the critters.
Joshua said he was bringing home his girlfriend this past weekend, so that meant it was time to "harvest" the Cayenne peppers from their plants drying in the guest shower. They are sporting some very festive colours.

 Upon return from our trip, Marty and I got to work cleaning and waxing the kitchen floor. After the furnace job the floor was quite dirty. Finally it looks all fresh and shiny again.

 This past weekend Marty changed some light fixtures for me. I found better ones at the local Habitat for Humanity. The new ones look fabulous!

                     Joshua put up some lights on the porch. It was a bright sunny Saturday.

                              Chantal was a helpful and welcome companion in the kitchen.

Then she got to work lending a hand in the hanging of the garlands. They are my favourite part of the holidays.

Odelia was so very happy to have her fuzzy blanket back. I had washed it so it was nice and fresh after being dragged all over the place.  How are your Christmas/holiday plans coming along?
More pics tomorrow.

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