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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas About the House

 Well, here are the pictures, as promised, a day late. Sorry.  The back entryway is all lit up now. I will have to get some loser wattage bulbs but for now it is crazy bright back there. Nice!

 At the back door on an old cabinet is my ragged little Nativity from Germany.  Poor Mary has lost her head more than once but is still lovely.

 I found these sweet little wooden angels in a garbage bag at a yard sale many years ago. Only one wing missing.

 I am always drawn to things in their original boxes. Christmas ornaments are no exception! They sit stacked in the hallway on my grandfather's tool box. I used to have a whole lot more but have sent some to the boys and I also recently sold a bunch to a young fellow who wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a vintage Christmas tree.

 Here is the tree. Looks a little bare in the photo. It is actually quite full. Things tend to get sparser near the bottom due to the wagging of dogs' tails and such. The popcorn was popped in an air popper almost twenty years ago. It keeps great in a zip-lock bag, from year to year.

 All lit up. My favourite part of Christmas is sitting late in the day, just enjoying the sparkle and glitter of lights.

We always have a garland over the archway between the living and dining rooms.  Set up each year is simple as the hooks and nails are there all year round.  I have never been one to want to change it up from year to year. It has taken my whole married life thus far to find and fill a tree with vintage and antique ornaments.  Each one is special. finding these ornaments over the years at yard sale and thrift stores has made each Christmas that much more memory-filled.
Time to get to work!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Your tree looks lovely - a real old-fashioned colourful, sparkly tree.


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