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Friday, December 18, 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like.....

 This is the time of year I like to hunker down and decorate for Christmas, write cards, and do some festive baking. It's nice to touch base with friends and family you usually don't hear from the rest of the year.  The short days give way to little lights inside, on the tree and wrapped around garlands festooning the sideboard and stair railing and archway. It's lovely.
                                                   (items found on a recent thrifting outing.)

 However, in spite of the "Christmas" indoors the out of doors is more like a damp spring or fall. Rarely below freezing and mostly wet or rainy, these grey days don't seem to want to move into wintry days. Great for driving but the bare trees and green grass are a little disconcerting for those of us who enjoy a white Christmas.
                                                  (pins found on a recent thrifting outing)

                                 And, behold! Fresh leaves on one of my young fruit trees!

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