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Friday, February 19, 2016

A Wee Bit Of Thrifting

 Not much going on around here. We suddenly have lots of snow and winter has definitely arrived.
Marty and I checked out a new store front in Morrisburg, "Barnfull of Goodies." Lots of fun vintage and antique goodies to see.
I found this great old seed catalogue full of lovely colourful pictures of flowers. Thinking about spring? YES!

                     I also picked up this larger sized Christ child from a vintage Nativity set.

                                                   And I found another "box."

 Inside, a drafting set. All but one piece are present. Nice. I also brought home a fun little steel wagon that hooks onto the back of a bike. No picture, sorry. It got tucked away for warmer days.

                            I found this at the thrift store. Rather looks like a clutch, doesn't it?

                  Well, it very well could be a lady's purse. Very "fashionable" covering.

It is a fancy case for your steak knives! Go figure. No markings but the words "stainless steel" on the knife blades.

1 comment:

Lady Linda said...

Great finds! You do so well at the thrift stores. I love seeing what you bring back home.
Still having snow?


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