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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Second Big Snowstorm

 There were a lot of warnings about the next wave of winter to head our way. Snow, rain, freezing rain. We don't mind the rain, or the snow, but freezing rain comes with its own set of challenges, driving being the biggest one. Freezing rain coats the trees and everything else and weighs it down, heavily so.
    It is lovely to look at.

 Touching the ground are branches normally several feet off the ground.
 Our big old "bird tree" always seems to take the biggest hits each year.  It is looking rather ratty up top.

Every needle thick with ice.

                     This is what we woke to find. Didn't look too bad from the back door.

It turned out to be a very thick branch from the tree. Thankfully it didn't hit my car, parked about six feet away. Aaron and I tried to haul it out of the way however it is simply too heavy to budge. It will require a chainsaw.

                    As lovely as it all was, it melted by the afternoon and snow began to fall.

1 comment:

anita said...

Lovely photos. Beautiful but deadly, these ice storms.


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