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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Not Too Much Happening Here

 Last week, while out driving we saw hundreds of snow geese coming in for a landing on a large pond. Of course by the time we got the car off the road and stopped, the sheer majesty of it was all but over, but here is a little proof. It was pretty amazing to see.

 Marty made pasta, again. Seems to be a once a month thing now. It's a good way to use up some of the many jars of home made tomato sauce canned up from last year. Odelia was pretty interested in the whole process.

 Pretty cool. The Einkorn flour gives it a lovely nutty flavour and makes for a rich pasta.

 We brought home our wee "meaties."  Twenty-five this time. And for the first time in years we did not put it off 'til the last minute wondering if we were going to be moving or not. Not!!
It is nice to be able to make some plans these days.

 It's funny to watch them all settle down for a nap. They sort of melt into the floor, like soft little, yellow "butter pats."

I was thrilled to find the "sister" to a wonderful male doll that was given to me years ago by a friend. Now they are a happy pair, by Norah Wellings, England, 1930's.

Best of all, my boy (young man) is home again. After being gone for 10 weeks, to Malawi. Odelia is also especially thrilled to have him home. So happy, she wants to eat him up!  We have enjoyed seeing his lovely pictures. We are about halfway through the 4000 of them. Gotta love those digital cameras.

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Jenny said...

We've seen some crazy big flocks of snow geese, too. I like the way the pasta drapes over the bowl. The chicks are definitely cute when they are little. Who would guess that they sometimes grow up to be mean chickens. And too silly Odelia. "You are not a lap dog, Odelia. You are way, way too big." :)


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