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Thursday, April 21, 2016

"Summer Day"

 The week began with Joshua's 25th birthday and the usual triple layer chocolate fudge cake.

 The lovely weather was perfect for cleaning the coop and letting the chickens out into the yard. they were everywhere, scratch, scratch, scratch. They are great fun to watch. So focused on what is on the ground.

           Gummy got to go to the dump with Joshua. She didn't want to leave the car.

                             Finally, all the winter tires are tucked away for the summer.

             Gumdrop thought the chicken food bucket lid would make the perfect Frisbee.

 Apparently the food bucket is just as good on the ground outside as it is inside the coop. Good to know.

                                 Mr Mister was happy to be out and about with his girls. After a couple hours of serious exploration, everyone was very happy to get back into their yard and to check out their freshly cleaned digs.

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