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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

One Yard Sale

 Joshua ans I head to the market on Saturday stopping at one yard sale. It was a rainy day but this was indoors which made it a go regardless.  It was packed with people but there was plenty to see and I came away with some fun finds.

Above is a Majolica cauliflower oil container, some flower paillettes in orange and silver, a sweet souvenir spoon in a little pouch, some funky vintage earrings, a carving, begging dog, and a piece of Gossware.

             I found a nice metal Chinese checker board is a cheering yellow. I love these as I used to play Chinese checkers with my grandfather on a similar board.

I was very happy and surprised to find no one had grabbed the tin of buttons. There was a nice bunch of vintage buttons to found inside.

My favourite find of the morning was a box full of old children's toy dishes.  There was a LOT inside. Not unlike sorting buttons, it was fun to unwrap everything to see what was inside. A sampling above.

                                   More inside the box.

 And a pile on the table. I don't think there are any "complete" sets but certainly lots of groupings. The vast majority are all in perfect condition too. Nice!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Wow, that is a lot of dishes!
Chinese checker boards also make me feel nostalgic. I used to play with my sister.


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