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Friday, June 10, 2016

Taking Back My Home

 It has been a flurry of activity since Marty came back home for good, back in February.  First empty the other house/sell it, then Joshua got back from his time in Malawi, then there was a big yard sale, and the usual dispersal of goods not coming back into the house.

In addition to the big stuff, clearing out, paring down, planting trees, etc. I have been looking at my home with fresh eyes.  Time for a few small changes to make things more the way I see them in my mind.
The lovely Victorian magazine rack above was a gift many years ago from my mom. I thought it was pretty cool.

                    Then came a small shelf, and a number of other pieces over the years.

                                      And a frame, hung in the hallway.

 Now in the dining room too. I had my eye on this pair of shelves for a while and finally got them last weekend. Joshua helped hang them up and I think they look as though they have been here forever! They also pull the three spaces together nicely as well: dining room, living room, and hallway.

 I was on a roll, so on to the guest bathroom! We had repainted the walls before listing the house (six years ago) which necessitated removing all my mirrors and as I didn't want to add a bunch of fresh holes to the walls, the mirrors got tucked away.
Since Joshua had the tools handy, I pulled them out and back up they went!

 There is no window in the bathroom so the various old mirrors bounce the light around.  Some of them are scavenged from antique furniture pieces, while others are meant to be set on your dressing table.

They all have the the perfect amount of waviness too.  I'm thinking some new towels are in order for this space.

1 comment:

Lady Linda said...

I love what you did in your home! How fun. It must be quite a job getting you home back! LOL Always enjoy your posts.


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