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Friday, July 29, 2016

Another Day in St Anthony's

 One of the places we were told to make time to visit was the rotunda at the Charles Curtis Memorial Hospital.
The entire space is lined with ceramic tiles creating a great mural dedicated to all the people of the north.
                        You can read more about the artist and his life and work, HERE.

                                              It was pretty amazing, and free to see.

 Then after a visit to the local grocery store, we drove to the end of the road to "Fox Point"/ "Fishing Point." There is the Light Keepers restaurant there as well as a sod covered structure where the Viking Dinner Theatre takes place. We thought there was going to be a show there on Thursday but it was on Friday so we reserved our seats for the next night.
As we drove up another steep hill we saw another ice berg.

 There was parking and a trail to get a closer look, so we of course stopped to check it out.

                                                     Lovely rock formations.

          We saw a lot of these flowers, everywhere we went, almost like a ground cover.

                                             Marty heading down another trail.

                                       It was another rainy day, but that was okay.

 Usually by August they are all gone, sometimes ice bergs can still be found as late as September.

 We had a good lunch at the Light Keepers restaurant and indulged in some moose spring rolls.  I ate more baked cod. Across the way is a gift shop. We dropped in after our really good meal and they have an area off to the side which gives you a great overview of Newfoundland and the things that make it unique.

                                       There were a number of taxidermy animals. A puffin.

 Once inside the gift shop a lady came up to me and told me that I could see a three legged fox out on the porch. A real one?! So, I followed her out.

Apparently this female silver fox comes by every day for two hot dogs. She doesn't leave until she has two. Once she's got them, off she goes, only to return again the same time the next day.

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