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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Chasing Ice Bergs, Capelin, and a Drive Through Quirpon

 The fellow at the dealership was telling us how, if his bedroom window was open at night, he could hear the whales singing and the ice bergs breaking up. Sometimes the earth shakes his whole house when they break up. Noisy too. Imagine!
He also told us which road to go down to find a path to the cove where another cluster of ice bergs were hanging out. So, we made sure to check it out on our way back to the motel.

 I appreciated the archway signalling  the path. Everything seems to be so "in the middle of nowhere" when you are not a local.

 The path down to the water was a little tricky but once there the view did not disappoint.

                                        It was cooler there too.

 I found these whelks in the grass. I wonder if they were left there by a previous visitor.

 As the clouds moved off and the light changed, the ice berg changed too.  We enjoyed just watching it for a while.

                                                 Sun bleached crab shell.

                                                   Miniature Iris.

 While I was taking pictures, Marty actually  caught the ice berg calving! I was thinking to myself , "why is someone shooting off a gun?" It was the sound of the ice berg breaking up.

                        You will see this sign about the area. There really are lots of potholes.

 On our way back to St Lunaire-Griquet, we saw cars parked on the side of the road and folks down on the beach. There were also ice bergs in that cove too so we stopped to take a closer look.

                                                  There were fish all over the beach.

                                                               Lots of them!

 Apparently, the Capelin were "rolling."  Between June and July, thousands of these little- about six inches or so, a thick wave of Capelin spawn on the beaches and attract great numbers of whales, and people too are attracted to the frenzy. The folks down on the beach were grabbing fresh fish, dredging them in flour and cooking them right there on the beach.

 Then we turned down a road we had not explored before. the sign said "Quirpon." At least I am pretty sure this was Quirpon. Anyway, more pics of the wonderful views. Can you imagine waking up every morning to this?!

                              And then we got back to our room and some welcome sleep!

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Ronna said...

Your photos are AMAZING. What a trip!!! A whole different world. Thanks for sharing. Looks wonderful.


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