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Monday, July 25, 2016

Raleigh, NL

 Our last day on the Northern Peninsula was spent in Raleigh, not far from where we were staying.
Another moose sighting. The lady at the motel said that they are attracted to the roadsides because of the salt run-off from winter time and also that you will rarely see a male moose near the road. I did see one off along a little creek drinking water one evening.

                                                               "You can't see me!"

                                                       And she is off to quieter places.

 When we got into Raleigh, we drove along the water, well the road pretty runs around the cove, we saw what at first looked like a bird on a rock but it was a young seal! The fellow we were chatting with said it was unusual to see one there but this one pops up occasionally.

I checked out the restaurant there, Burnt Cape Cafe on-line and the reviews were great.  So, off we went. Unfortunately the cafe does not have posted hours but after driving about, we parked next to it and a fellow came over to let us know he would be open in about forty-five minutes. We asked where the Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve was and he said just across the water: see that squiggly road at the top of the picture, across the water? That's it.
So, we drove around the cove, and at the end of the road it turns and you head upwards into the reserve.

 The actual sign is up the road a ways, and at that point Marty said we would drive no further and just do some walking. The road is steep and there are rocky spots that, could, if your car was not high enough off the ground, cause it some damage. It was another cool, misty day. There was another car there too, parked and we met the folks on their way beck from their walk. They had not wanted to take their car further either.
Doesn't look like much at first glance, does it?

 Well, walking affords you the opportunity to look down and see all manner of lovely things growing.

                                                         Yellow Lady's Slipper Orchid.

                                            Common Bearberry?

                                      The large expanse of rock had these neat stripes in them.

                                               I believe this is a Glandular Birch.

                                               American Green Alder, I think.

Marty, heading back down the road. We didn't get too far. When you read that it is prudent to have a hat and gloves handy for your trip to the Northern Peninsula, they are note exaggerating. It was chilly up there. There is also no outhouse or facilities, if you need to use the washroom.

 More evidence of moose. I am happy to report we did not see any evidence of polar bears while there. Apparently they come across from Labrador in the spring, early summer where ice jams in the narrows.  When seen, they must be reported and are then live trapped and shipped back to Labrador....until next spring...

                                               Yellow Lady's Slipper Orchids.

 On the way back around the cove we stopped so I could look more at the rocks along the water.
this perfect sea urchin shell was sitting just I found it on the rock.

                                             A seaside collage, made by nature.

                                            More of the unique striped rocks.

Now here is a fellow who knows how to promote himself and help folks find their way to his shop. He has another one out on the highway too. Wonderful place, fascinating and talented carver. We really enjoyed our visit.
HERE is someone else's post on their visit too and they have interior pictures as well.
I asked if it was okay to take some outside pictures and he said sure. Never thought to ask if I could take inside pictures.

After a full few hours in Raleigh, it was time to head back and get all packed up for our long drive to Deer Lake the next morning.

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