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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Drive To Conche, Newfoundland and a 222 Foot Tapestry

 Saturday was a clear, cool day. Perfect for a drive to Conche, only a two hour drive away. Were also hoping to stop in Roddickton, where apparently there are six moose to every square kilometre. That's Marty, fighting with mosquitoes.

 Along the way we saw the sign for the Salmon Caves and decided to take a look. The sign at the entrance to the two and half kilometre road stated that there was a rough road ahead.
 Yup, lots of pot holes and the usual twists and turns.
When we got there the sign pointed to the path and off we went however the bridge out at one spot so we walked further along to another bridge.

                                               A very large moose print.

                                          From the bridge, downstream, or is it up-stream?

                                          Looking the other way.

                                        Moose poop! No, we did not see any actual moose.

                                                       Lots of trees.

     Always some lovely little surprises along the path.
We never made it to the caves. The signs were a little confusing and time was wearing on and we still had more driving ahead of us.

 So, back on the road until the sign said to turn and head to Conche. 33 km. Well, Conche only got a road in, making it accessible by car, in 1969. They have never bothered paving that long, twisty, turny, curvy, and sometimes steep road. It was a challenging drive with all the pot holes along the way too. At one point Marty wanted to give up and turn around however, we had come so far.

 We kept going and finally made it! The road once again was paved and look! Another ice berg. Bonus.
 We drove the road as it looped all around the dwellings. Nothing much but homes, a wee convenience store, a wreck of a plane in a field... that was pretty much it.
We could not find the French Shore Interpretation Centre with the embroidered mural. No signs to point you in the right direction.

 As we looped through again I saw a house with an open sign so we ducked in there to see where we needed to go.  Thankfully it was exactly what we were looking for!
Eight dollars per person, no electronic payment available, so you have to pay cash.

 We were not disappointed and the challenges of the journey melted away as we read all about the history in the area.

 The long embroidered mural is an incredible sight to see and the images, the needlework, and the history are all worth the drive. It was wonderful and unfortunately one is not allowed to take pictures.
I purchased an excellent video on the work and history of the area. It is very enjoyable to watch and really well done. Only $15.

I wished that they had postcards of it, or maybe a book on the history and the mural, with fold-outs! Alas, all things are connected to the resources or lack of same.
A tea room would be great in Conche as you are a little peckish after enjoying the interpretation centre.

                                           Back on the gravel highway.

 Well, we didn't see any moose while on our road trip but came across two snacking on greens by the road on our way back to the motel.
 They are rather camera shy- which is a good thing- so one turned and walked away as soon as we stopped.

                                            The second one hung back to check us out.

                                                           Then off she went.

Cow number one, watching from under cover. A very nice end to a very long day of discovery.

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