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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Little "Northern Soul" Adventure

 A pleasant drive in the country brought us to a restaurant Aaron had been talking about.
Northern Soul BBQ was once a very popular food truck and is now a brick and mortar place to go a enjoy some really good food. You can find out more on their Facebook page, HERE
It was worth the drive.

                          Their specialty, ribs! Fall off the bone delicious.

                                  Aaron went for the smoked meat.

                                 It came with a big crunchy pickle.

 Marty and Joshua's eyes were bigger than their bellies. Their poutines came home with us, for later.
This was the pulled pork version.

                              They were huge! This is the "suicide" peppered with hot peppers.

                             The vanilla shake was a nice contrast to the lovely smoky ribs.

We ate outside, looking downhill to fields and the tree line. They will be set up for eating inside soon enough, but it was a perfect day, breezy, under cover, an al fresco luncheon.

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