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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Barnfull Of Goodies, A Happy Place

 I mentioned Barnfull of Goodies earlier on the blog and got permission to take some pictures the last time I was there and am sharing now some little teasers of what you might find there, should you drop in for a visit. There is something for every taste.
Outside the shop is always a number of engaging and welcoming arrangements.

                                  Marguerite has a good eye for presenting things well.

                    Just a walk about will send you home with fresh inspiration.

 You will also find salvage pieces to use in your own projects at home.

 From glassware, shabby chic items, and fine pieces too, there are always lots of furnishings to help change things up in every room of your home. Dressers, cabinets, altered vintage pieces, and tables too. It is always changing as things turn over fairly quickly. Excellent prices too.

                                Saxophone anyone?

                               Perhaps a ride somewhere?

                                I love this tin covered trunk in a brown and green snakeskin finish!

                                             Leaded glass. What's not to swoon over?

So, put on your walking shoes and if you are in the Morrisburg area or driving by on your way to points east or west, check it out. It's right on highway 2 and not more than a moment or two from the 401 exit. Open Wednesday through Sunday. More info. HERE.
~thank you Marguerite for letting me take pictures and share on my blog.

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